When life gives
you no's
make a portfolio

a manifesto

1, 2, 3,

the hard part is to start

Tell a great story.
A novel, a romance,
a thriller: you.

Put up a show.
But carefully choose your audience.

It's you in 3 adjectives.
Make sure they lay wide open.

Show it.
Unless it sucks.
Self criticism is hot.

Less is more.
Less is
SO much more.

Make up shit.
Your own meaningful
magic shit.

Not all hats
fit all heads.
Bespeak your portfolios.

Give me gimmicks.

It's ok to
fake it.
Just make it
look good.

Credits are cool.
Long live credits.

Keep it
under construction.

When in doubt,

yes we do hate Behance links

Write real,
and liliputian

Portray love,
and enthusiasm.

If you don't
make it
try again.
And again.

and again.